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I run Reiki Workshops several times throughout the year. There are 4 levels of study and I teach all four levels. If you would like to book a course I need a minimum of 4 people. The four levels are explained below.

The Four Degrees of Reiki

Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho is taught by a Master who has a short lineage (no more than seven masters) back to Usui. Learning Reiki is divided into four degrees or stages, with intervals in between each course to allow the student to gain an understanding of what they have already learned before going further. Many people are quite content simply to do Reiki First Degree, while others feel the need to deepen their understanding and practice by progressing to Reiki Second Degree and beyond to the Master’s Levels. It is a matter of personal choice and commitment.

Reiki First Degree

This is for anyone who wants to understand Reiki and activate their ability to heal themselves, the members of their family and their friends, including babies, children and animals.

Reiki Second Degree

This is for anyone who has completed Reiki First Degree who wishes to deepen their Reiki practice and understanding, whether for self-treatment or for healing family and friends. It includes learning how to heal from a distance. This level is a pre-requisite for practitioners.

Reiki Third Degree

This level is for anyone wishing to work toward finding spiritual enlightenment and gaining personal mastery. If you decide to progress to this level, strong commitment to regular self-treatment will lead you to a deeper understanding of universal energy and the meaning of consciousness.

Reiki Master’s Level 4 – Teacher

This level is for experienced practitioners who have completed the other levels and now wish to teach Reiki to others or to complete for personal reasons.

The information above is from the book ‘Live Better – Reiki Exercises for healing and balance’ by Sandi Leir-Shuffrey

Reiki Teaching and Attunements

2 Day Workshops – All Levels 1, 2, 3, and master level.  Run over 2 weeks, 1 day of teaching with a week to practice what you have learnt and then the 2nd teaching day a week later. You will receive a take-home manual and a certificate upon completion.

Workshops start at 9am and finish around 4pm.  Morning tea and lunch is provided
Wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook and pen

Bring a friend or family member to make it a wonderful experience you can share and then practice on each other.

I also host Reiki Gatherings every 3 months for my past and present students so they connect and share experiences, practise on each other, ask any questions and reconnect on a spirit level.

Level 1 – $250 for the 2 day workshop
Level 2 – $400 for the 2 day workshop
Level 3 – $300 for the 2 day workshop

Bach Flower Remedy Workshops

Half day workshop.  Learn how to choose your remedies and make up a 50 ml treatment bottle to take home with you.

Minimum of 4 people.

Morning Tea provided


Half day session $35

Workshop cost is $20 per week

Includes light refreshments

Inner Wisdom Workshop

Time: 9.30-11.30 Tuesdays (if other times would suit, call me – 5486 6428)
A fun and very informative 2 hours spent. Discover your hidden talents and skills.

We will cover topics such as:

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Angel card tuition
  •  Self-healing techniques
  • Spiritual Truths
  • Connecting with your Sacred Heart

Learn how to implement these techniques into your daily life and to listen to your inner guidance. This will help you take the reins on your life and aid in creating a beautiful and harmonious way to live.

Following the prompts from Doreen Virtue’s Book, ‘Daily Guidance from your Angels’ makes it easy and fun.
I have copies of this book available for $34.95


07 5486 6428

9AM - 5PM
Please phone for an appointment


ABN: 63 972 975 014