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Applying pressure to various reflexes on each foot, which mirror the systems and structure of the whole body.  This treatment helps free blocked energy allowing it to flow throughout your body and revitalise you.

Raindrop Essential Oil Foot Treatment

Using 9 powerful essential oils, massaging into Vitaplex points of the feet to bring physical, emotional and mental balance to the body and mind.


Harmonising and balancing mind and body.  A gentle hands on healing system the will connect you to your true self.

Angel Card Reading

Messages from your angels to enlighten your path.  They are here to help, we only need ask.

Bach Flower Remedies – Medicine for the emotions

Harmonise the way you feel.  Find out which emotions are creating conflict and resistance to the flow of energies in your life.  Match the remedies to specific emotions.  Choose up to 7 remedies in a 50ml bottle.  Safe, complimentary medicine in liquid form that is taken orally.  Take control of the way you feel.

If you are interested in trying some of the other treatments I offer but you are unsure or what they are or how they work then tasters are just the thing for you. You can add it to your next treatment or design a treatment to your liking so you can experience some of the other services I offer.

Each Taster is for a 20-minute session and costs $20

Reiki and Reflexology go well together and are a perfect addition to a neck and shoulders massage

An angel card reading will add insight and additional information to a Bach Flower Consultation

Raindrop Essential Oil Foot Treatment is the perfect accompaniment to a Pedicure

Group the Tasters together to create your own personal retreat