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Bach Flower Therapy

Bach consultation is a private and confidential session.  When we feel fulfilled and positive, we tend to enjoy life.  But life is unpredictable and can leave us needed help to stay in balance and able to move forward.

Sometimes it can be difficult to be honest with ourselves and we may need help working out our feelings, together we can choose the right combination of remedies to help put you back in balance.

There are 38 Bach Flower Remedies and each aids a specific emotion.  The Bach Flower Remedies help you to take control of the way you feel.

Initial Consultation is 1.5 hours and includes your remedy $70

Subsequent Consultations 1 hour and includes your remedy $50

Bach Flower Remedies $20 per bottle

Reiki Healing

A gentle, natural and ancient hands on healing system.  Reiki energy heals, harmonises and balances the whole person: mind, body and spirit.


Treatment – 20 minute – 90 minutes $1 per minute

Emotional Healing and Balancing

Effectively treats: depression, emotional trauma, stress, anger, frustration, mood swings and more.


Treatment 20 minute – 90 minutes $1 per minute

Chakra Balancing

Each chakra reflects an aspect of personal growth.  If the chakra energy flow is blocked this can lead to a disorder – mental, spiritual or physical.  Reiki harmonises and balances an excess or shortage of energy in your chakra.


Treatment 20 minute – 90 minutes $1 per minute