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Massage is perhaps one of the oldest healing traditions. Many cultures – including the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and Indians – were convinced of the therapeutic properties of massage and used it to treat a variety of ailments.

Massage is the application of manual techniques to the soft tissue to mobilise them to maintain flexibility.  Massage is especially effective in breaking compensatory pain postures and patterns.  For example, a tension headache is often self-sustaining because the pain makes the person clench the affected muscles even harder, which, in turn, creates more pain. A thorough neck and shoulder massage can reduce muscle tension and break the pain cycle.

One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm.  This occurs because massage prompts the release of endorphins, the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that produce feelings of well-being.  Levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine, are also reduced.  Studies indicate that high levels of stress hormones impair the immune system.

Some of the physical benefits of massage include:

  • reduced muscle tension
  • improved circulation
  • stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • reduction of stress hormones
  • increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • improved skin tone
  • speedier healing of soft tissue injuries
  • heightened mental alertness
  • reduced anxiety and depression

Body Massage Therapy

The human body craves the sensation of touch and that is why massage has such a profound affect on our body and our mind.Massage is an essential treatment for the ongoing promotion of good   health. It alleviates everyday tensions, soothes away aches and pains and leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


1.5 hours (top to toe) $90  ~  1 hour $70

Neck and Shoulder Release

Pain builds up in your neck and shoulders area inhibiting blood flow relaxing and creating and stress tension and often headaches.This treatment aids in relaxing and soothing tight muscles.  It also includes and scalp massage was feels amazing.


40-minute treatment $45