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Luxury Full Manicure

Hand therapy rich in essentials oils and fragrant creams leave hands smooth, radiant and looking stylish and younger.  Includes soothing soak, exfoliation and massage, buff, nail treatment and full polish.


1 hour of pampering your hands and nails $60

Luxury Full Pedicure

By itself or as a complement to your luxury manicure, this indulgent treatment for your hard working feet is pure heaven. We begin with a warm foot soak, then your feet are exfoliated, buffed, nourished and massaged and then it’s on to the toes.  The nails are given a soothing treatment, trimmed, shaped and polished.  Your feet will feel soft, smooth and sensational.


1 hour of pampering your feet and toenails $60

Toes on the go

Need to look fabulous in a flash then this is for you.
A quick file and repaint and you’re ready to go.


20 minutes and you’re ready $30